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A registered nonprofit animal rescue organization, Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles provides a safe haven for abused, neglected, and abandoned pugs throughout the LA area. Pug Nation LA strives to find a lasting home for every pug in its care; in addition, it provides a sanctuary for pugs to receive necessary veterinary care, much-needed love and attention, and the promise of a full, comfortable life.

Pug Nation LA is a coalition partner of No-Kill Los Angeles (NKLA), an initiative of the Best Friends Animal Society. NKLA draws on the support of passionate animal advocates, local shelters, and animal welfare organizations to put an end to euthanasia in Los Angeles animal shelters.

With the support of Pug Nation LA and numerous other coalition and corporate partners, NKLA seeks to accomplish its goal by 2017. To do so, it promotes animal adoptions while working to expand access to spay/neuter services. In this way, NKLA hopes to reduce shelter populations and limit the number of cats and dogs sent to shelter facilities, thus eliminating overcrowding and the need for euthanasia. 

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One of the most ecologically diverse states in the country, California encompasses more than 20 U.S. National Parks, many of which have received international recognition for their natural magnificence.

Located in the Sierra Nevada and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Yosemite National Park is perhaps the most famous such park, due to its towering granite cliffs, beautiful lakes and streams, and impressive waterfalls. Another must-see Northern California destination with UNESCO World Heritage Site status, Redwood National Park boasts 2,000-year-old trees that can grow nearly 370 feet tall and 22 feet wide at the base. The park also contains 10 endangered or threatened species.

In Southern California, nature enthusiasts should check out Channel Islands National Park. Encompassing six islands that are home to more than 2,000 species of plants and animals, the park offers an abundance of diving, hiking, and kayaking opportunities. Southern California also includes the 800,000-acre Joshua Tree National Park, which consists of two separate desert ecosystems, the Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert. Visitors should be sure to see the large trees after which the park was named.

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Established by an act of Congress on October 24, 2000, the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument is a region of cultural, recreational, and scientific significance. Located in Palm Springs, the preserved mountain range juts from the flat desert landscape to a maximum elevation of 10,834 feet at the peak of Mount San Jacinto and includes one of the steepest mountain slopes in the United States. The Mount San Jacinto escarpment rises quickly from 1,200 feet to nearly 11,000 feet, and the mountain’s rapidly fluctuating elevations contain an incredibly diverse ecosystem. While flora such as cacti and creosote flourish below 3,000 feet, visitors will find pine and fir trees at elevations above 7,000 feet. The biologically varied landscape is also home to several rare animal species, including the southern yellow bat and the least Bell’s vireo, a migrating songbird. Other Santa Rosa and San Jacinto residents include the kangaroo rat, roadrunner, rosy boa, and Costa’s hummingbird, as well as the endangered peninsular bighorn sheep.

Encompassing approximately 280,000 acres, the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument provides a stunning backdrop to several popular resort and retirement communities throughout the Coachella Valley and makes up more than 60,000 acres of the San Bernardino National Forest. Valuable for more than just its scenery, the region is also home to numerous artifacts of the Cahuilla Indians, who created many of the national monument’s current trails. Guests may find grinding slicks, pottery shards, and arrowheads but should take care to leave such items undisturbed.